A Spring Culinary Delicacy – Arugula Flowers

Growing your own plants always means that you get fresher, more flavorful food.  But sometimes it also means that you get parts of a plant that you absolutely can’t get in a store—take arugula flowers, for example.  While the arugula leaves have a pungent, spicy taste, the flowers of an arugula plant harness a much more delicate side of that same flavor, with a totally captivating added hint of sweetness.  (No wonder pollinators love them!)  They’re the most delicious thing in the garden right now, but I’m trying to leave some for the bees and for saving seed.  If you’re growing your own arugula in the garden, try taking a small handful of flowers and tossing them on top of a salad fresh from the garden.  With the subtle, complex flavor, you likely won’t need dressing at all.

arugula flower


About Ashley in Open Lotus Garden

Organic and biodynamic gardener, writer/editor, lover of nature, animals, and the world.
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