Flowering Onions, Salvia, Cover Crops, and Escarole

Spring is in full swing here in Atlanta.

We’ve got flowering onions (beautiful and delicious—the little flowers taste great in a salad!):

Open Lotus Garden Onion FlowerBeautiful purple salvia in bloom:

Open Lotus Garden SalviaMany beds of flourishing cover crops that we turned into the soil this past weekend (vetch and clover, to fix the nitrogen in the soil):

Open Lotus Garden Cover CropBut the crimson clover was so pretty, I picked a bunch of the flowers and have them to enjoy inside this week:

Open Lotus Garden Crimson CloverThere’s no doubt it’s a beautiful time of year brimming with life.  And…as promised, here’s a photo of the escarole (ruffled endive) from the garden.  I probably don’t even need to tell you that it’s absolutely delicious:

Open Lotus Garden Escarole


About Ashley in Open Lotus Garden

Organic and biodynamic gardener, writer/editor, lover of nature, animals, and the world.
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2 Responses to Flowering Onions, Salvia, Cover Crops, and Escarole

  1. David says:

    Is that Elephant Ear in that one photo? Any use for that?

    • Definitely not elephant ears…they’re much larger and have smooth, deep green or purple leaves. I’m not sure what the stuff is in that photo…it’s an herb that I started last year from seed and put it in the ground without big expectations…now it’s taking over the bed! I suppose I’ll be able to ident. it once it flowers…it may be in the salvia family…

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