Flashback: Starting the cold frame

You’ve seen what the cold frame in Open Lotus Garden looks like these days in my earlier posts, but I wanted to share with you what it looked like when we started it, because it’s quite a dramatic transformation!  We started seedlings indoors under a grow light in December, and planted them out in the cold frame on a snowy day in January.

Here are the seedlings, several weeks old and ready to go into the cozy little cold frame we built:

open lotus garden seedlingsKale waiting to be planted:

kale seedlings on snowWatering the seedlings (They don’t look especially promising, right? I didn’t think so either!):

watering cold frame open lotus gardenAll tucked in and ready to grow, winter be damned:

francisco and cold frame open lotus gardenLate winter progress:

cold frame early spring in open lotus gardenRapid spring progress, with more sun and warmer soil temperatures:

mid spring cold frame open lotus gardenAnd finally, an incredible springtime bounty:

springtime bounty open lotus gardenAs you can see, a little work, some salvaged materials, and a few packets of seeds can yield all the springtime greens you might need.  The flavor of organic fresh-picked greens grown in good soil is one of the best things in the world!

Do you have cold frame gardening experience? Thinking about trying one but have questions or concerns? Just post in the comments section below!


About Ashley in Open Lotus Garden

Organic and biodynamic gardener, writer/editor, lover of nature, animals, and the world.
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2 Responses to Flashback: Starting the cold frame

  1. SherryGreens says:

    What fantastic progress! I love how cold frames work, it seems inconceivable that they would be warm enough, but they are.

    I am starting seedlings this year too, for the very first time. Unfortunately, spring is not in full swing here yet, so I have a bit more to wait before I can plant. It is such a late season this year, we still have snow. 😦

    • Oh, boo to snow! Yes, I was doubtful about the cold frame being warm enough, especially since we planted in the SNOW. I expected we would need to insulate additionally with straw bales around the sides, but the cold frame was plenty warm…and sometimes even too much so! Hope spring arrives soon for you up north!

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