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Summer Garden Harvest

Here’s what I picked yesterday in the garden while I was doing some maintenance weeding.  No additional words necessary, really.  Just check out that basket and read the shirt! 🙂 Happy gardening! Advertisements

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Successful Gardeners Grow Dirt First

Ask an organic gardener or farmer what she grows, and there’s a good chance her answer will be “dirt.” Beautiful, sweet-smelling, dark chocolate-colored dirt filled with humus, rich with minerals, and teeming with millions of bugs, worms, and microogranisms.  Repeat … Continue reading

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Flashback: Starting the cold frame

You’ve seen what the cold frame in Open Lotus Garden looks like these days in my earlier posts, but I wanted to share with you what it looked like when we started it, because it’s quite a dramatic transformation!  We … Continue reading

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Keep the Oil out of Your Food: BP Deepwater Horizon, a year later

It has been a year since the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded, precipitating the worst oil spill this country has seen…ever.  The disaster released an estimated (by the US government) 200 million gallons of crude oil into the beautiful, precious Gulf … Continue reading

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A Spring Culinary Delicacy – Arugula Flowers

Growing your own plants always means that you get fresher, more flavorful food.  But sometimes it also means that you get parts of a plant that you absolutely can’t get in a store—take arugula flowers, for example.  While the arugula … Continue reading

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