The Gardeners

AshleyAshley used to wistfully remember picking sun-warm cherry tomatoes and zucchini in her grandfather’s garden when she was a little girl. As a landless college student for six years, there was little time, and certainly no physical space to have a garden of her own. But when she found a bit of land that she could transform into a garden with the help of Francisco three years ago, she dove in and hasn’t looked back. Creating Open Lotus Garden has been the best experience of her life, and she can’t wait to share it with her local community and the community of similarly inclined folks around the world through the new garden blog. Ashley is also a freelance writer and a member of the Garden Writers Association.

Francisco was born and spent his early years in Cali, Colombia, where his grandmother had an amazing garden, and exotic tropical fruit trees grew like weeds. He then moved with his family to the concrete jungle of New York, and later to the southern metropolis of Atlanta. He kept a vegetable garden while his boys were young, but as they grew older and moved away from home, the garden fell to the wayside. Now, Francisco once again enjoys the traditional practice of garden-keeping and also shares his organic food cultivation experience with his students at the Waldorf School of Atlanta, teaching the next generation the importance of local, organic, nourishing food, and caring for the land that sustains us.


3 Responses to The Gardeners

  1. another teaching tool . . . for this I am grateful

    • Thanks for stopping by! We’ll be posting organic gardening info, how-to, tips every week, so keep in touch. :o) I loved the pictures of your mum painting china on your blog – that’s such a wonderful skill and art!

  2. Thank you for a great post.

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