Open Lotus Garden began
with this simple question:

How much positive impact
can a single garden have?

Gardens can grow.
Gardens can heal.
Gardens can nourish.
Gardens can empower.
Gardens can liberate.

And so, we suspect that the answer
to our question  is “quite a lot!”

Welcome to the blog that explores
and shares this beautiful, affirmative answer!





Photo, banner and background: CC attribution licensed by George Lu on Flickr

6 Responses to Welcome

  1. Carol says:

    I have been imagining a blog like yours-perfect–just all the kinds of info I need right now in my stage of garden know-how/don’t know how. Excellent! great thoughtful writing, anticipates questions, goes beyond the obvious, and photos are right on. I found this blog bec I’m taking a WordPress course.

    • Thanks so much, Carol. Feel free to subscribe to the blog by email in the top right for garden progress, info, and more how-https://openlotusgarden.wordpress.com/wp-admin/edit-comments.php#comments-formtos! 🙂

  2. Editor001 says:

    What a fantastic blog! I recently moved back to Sunny San Diego, and have had the good fortune of taking over my grandfathers garden. It was in pretty sad shape. No body had rotated the tomatoes in years, someone thought it was a good idea to plant grapes…front and center in the garden plot…and the pest. Ughh, pincher bugs…creepy things that I’m sure serve some sort of evolutionary purpose…but not in my garden. And the Rabbits. Did I mention the lettuce stealing bunnies?

    Thankfully though, we has TWO composts! A standard box type and a fancy whirly kind that turns yer waste into pure gold. So its been a test of my garden know how, and some old fashioned ingenuity.

    And that is why I love your blog.

    To answer your page question…Yes every single garden makes a difference. The more I grow for my family…my Mother, My grandparents, and visitors will take strain off the planet by reducing carbon emissions. One less trip to the grocery store!

    And all the paper, and food trash goes right into our composter! ( Being a vegan its been easy keeping the meat eaters out of the work). lol

    Thanks for your tips and tricks!

    ~Happy Gardner

  3. l0ve0utl0ud says:

    This is a fantastic idea; I completely agree with you about the power of gardens. It is my grandparents’ huge garden that has brought me the most joy, from childhood until now. I look forward to reading your posts.

  4. Wanted to let you know that I think your blog is a great and enjoy reading your articles.
    I also wanted to invite you to ping and tweet your blog for free with my website BlogBuzzer.com

    Craig Thompson

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